Ink on Paper now known as IOP started as an idea on providing excellent service to the print industry, after all it’s just ink on paper, right? NO, it is so much more than that and so is IOP!

Over the last 10 years IOP have been fine tuning our craft and perfecting the art of client relationships, high service levels and of course excellent bang for your buck with quality products. This skill has allowed IOP to maintain long term customers from day 1.

We pride ourselves in understanding our client’s needs and that’s why our mantra is “POLR”

The path of least resistance is the physical or metaphorical pathway that provides the least resistance to forward motion by a given object or entity.

The concept is often used to describe why an object or entity takes a given path.

Simply put, our purpose is to make our customers life easier, become the “path off least resistance”

How do we do this, simple 4 easy steps.

  1. Superior service
  2. Speed to market.
  3. Excellent quality
  4. Solution based.

Our national reach for branding and print services far surpasses the shores of this sunburnt country and reach as far as New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

With a dedicated team of professionals ready to make the “Impossible” Possible you can be sure that you next project is good hands. By focusing on the tried and tested IOP process we are well equipped to make informed decisions and offer the best solution to suit your needs, whether it be a 1 off print or a national rebrand.

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